Set free from evil spirit’s

evil spirit’s …have you ever scene or dealt with them? The other day, by God’s grace I along with other family witnessed my cousin’s daughter set free from evil spirit’s. It all started when I was outside talking two of my cousin’s daughters. One was sharing how she was crying and asking God for help, how she felt lost. We talked for a bit more, then I said “lets pray” right after started praying, my cousins daughter fell to her knees and started sobbing, screaming. She continued, in such a way neighbor’s came out to ask what was happening. Sabina told them she was praying. Finally she got up and I ministers to her about how Gods @ work, how He has plans to use her to rekindle others in their faith. I thought that was it, so I went back to my cousins room. Then her sister comes and gets “Alex come here” so I follow her to living room. The girl that just prayed was on floor sobbing,  like she was in agony. She starts like screaming in agony, crying out. She was like in a daze. I said “in Jesus name be free” she is crying so loud, her mother and my aunt come from kitchen to see what’s happening. Her mother said “quite, calm down your scaring people ” she then discerns by God’s grace the evil spirits had a hold on her. My cousin then holds her down and places her hand on girls head and says “in Jesus name come go to where you came from” the little girl has this look on her face I’ll never forget, scared angry, pale, blood shot eyes. She’s crying out “help me, God help me” then “Jesus help,  Jesus have mercy” it was like the Devil didn’t want to let her go.  I mean she was sliding around like a snake. I’m on the couch reading Scriptures,  praying. she’s reaching out looking at me, but more like through me saying “Jesus help me” I know I’m not Jesus but I know God is like you know spiritual warfare. Her two sister’s are crying, praying for God to help her. My Cousin is praying for her daughter. Moved by God… I say put Christian worship music on. we start worshipping God, girls still crying out. Finally she calms down some, her mother moves her to couch. She seems like in a daze, then she looks to her left and her eyes get real big, like she scene something,  she cries out again. I felt what she scene, and rebuked it in Jesus name. saying you have no authority here. We keep worshipping,  girl starts worshipping. Praise God he set her free!!! We all sit around worshipping Jesus! Her face began to glow, she’s reading scripture and saying “God open their eyes” she then is telling us how she scene dark shadows that didn’t want to let her go and how on the couch, she scene Jesus light and he made all the evil go away. we ended it with her praying and her mother said “I never heard you pray like that”


About truthislove45

For me to live is Christ to die is gain. I have nothing to loose and everything to gain to proclaim the truth in the midst of choas. Who but the true God gives hope. A people walking in the liberty of Gods love, shall not be misled by a tyrant. I do the love liberty disco and seek to find those who stumble in darkness. Hear o HEAR people Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life NO MAN comes to the Father but my me" I am not religious I'm saved, I don't believe in religion i believe in truth...
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