#obama is the face of Americas…

#obama is the face of Americas rebellious liberal ego. He encompasses the evil of our time. Liberalism is defined as being broad minded, tolerant to change. Jesus calls such a path the broad road that leads to destruction. Satan means adversary, opposite…is Obama in opposition to Gods truth? His policies, his agenda prove he is defiant to the Lord, falsely calling himself a Christian. Obama isn’t Satan, but he indeed serves Satan. Since Obama has taken the helm, good is called evil, evil is called good…the wicked proudly defy God. Gay pride says it all…proud to be a sinner, as homosexuality is sin. As a result of obama calling June Lgbt month, the fedral reserve proudly waved a rainbow flag. The rainbow in Gods word, was given to show God wouldn’t flood the world again. The profane defile Gods promises. The fact that they are waving such a flag mocking Gods promise, reveals judgement is at hand. Obama encourages others to live in sin and validates it. He’s a leader of error, who speaks as he does for there is no light in him. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. A wicked ruler mandates others, threatens others to submit to their godless agenda. A wicked ruler is an egotistical scoundrel who rules in opposition to Gods love. Such are exalted by the wayward to god like status. Many have called Obama the messiah. Who but Satan seeks to scoff Jesus in such a way? WAKE UP and repent as Obama is a spiritually polluted devilcrat who is leading the blind into a ditch of eternal damnation. Sent from Catch Notes for Android https://catch.com


About truthislove45

For me to live is Christ to die is gain. I have nothing to loose and everything to gain to proclaim the truth in the midst of choas. Who but the true God gives hope. A people walking in the liberty of Gods love, shall not be misled by a tyrant. I do the love liberty disco and seek to find those who stumble in darkness. Hear o HEAR people Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life NO MAN comes to the Father but my me" I am not religious I'm saved, I don't believe in religion i believe in truth...
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